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Sample Snow Removal Contract Forms

As the winter season approaches, many businesses and homeowners start thinking about snow removal services. Snow and ice can be hazardous for both pedestrians and drivers, so it`s essential to have a reliable and efficient snow removal contractor on hand. If you`re a snow removal contractor looking to create a professional and legally binding contract, you`ll need a good sample snow removal contract form.

A snow removal contract is an agreement between the contractor and the client that outlines the services to be provided, the payment terms, and the responsibilities of both parties. A well-drafted contract can help avoid misunderstandings and disputes down the road. Here are a few important items to include in your snow removal contract:

1. Services offered

Your contract should clearly state the services you will provide, including plowing, shoveling, de-icing, and salting. Specify the areas to be cleared, such as parking lots, sidewalks, and entrances.

2. Service schedule

Include the expected start and end dates of your service, as well as the frequency of service. Will you only provide service after a certain amount of snow has accumulated? If so, include that information in the contract.

3. Payment terms

Specify the payment terms, including the agreed-upon price for services and when payments are due. Will you require a deposit before starting work? Will you charge extra fees for additional services, such as emergency visits?

4. Liability and insurance

Snow removal is a potentially hazardous activity, and accidents can happen. Include language stating that your company is not responsible for any injury or damage resulting from your services. Make sure you have adequate insurance coverage.

5. Termination clause

Include a termination clause that outlines the conditions under which either party can terminate the contract. For example, if the client repeatedly fails to pay on time, you may want to terminate the contract.

6. Signature lines

Make sure there are signature lines for both the contractor and client, along with the date of signing.

To make things easier, there are several sample snow removal contract forms available online that you can use as a starting point for your own contract. Just make sure to tailor the language to fit your specific needs and state/local regulations.

In conclusion, having a clear and comprehensive snow removal contract can help protect both you and your clients from disputes and misunderstanding. Make sure to include all the important elements in your contract, and consider using a sample snow removal contract form to get started. Stay safe and happy snow removal season!