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AETERNUM by Maciej Fiszer

AETERNUM is an artistic monograph dedicated to wild meadows and wastelands. The album contains 103 panoramic photographs (produced on a reversal film on FUJI and KODAK cameras between 2014-2017) printed on 248 pages of Munken Ivory paper 200g/m2. The photograph series is enriched with an afterword written by dr hab. Anna Golińska from the Poznań University of Life Sciences. The book is protected with a 23,5/37 cm case covered in natural linen tissue, all designed by Tomek Wojciechowski (, printed in 800 copies, published by the Foundation of the Poznań University of Life Sciences (

01-Album-AETERNUM-_resize.jpg 02-Album-AETERNUM-_resize.jpg 03-Album-AETERNUM-_resize.jpg 04-Album-AETERNUM-_resize.jpg 05-Album-AETERNUM-_resize.jpg 06-Album-AETERNUM-_resize.jpg 13-Album-AETERNUM-_resize.jpg 14-Album-AETERNUM-_resize.jpg