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Love is tough. Beautiful book of poetry.

Our latest publication released to Netherland’s public is Derek Otte’s poetry book, “TOFLOF”. During its premiere, the book had very enthusiastic reviews. Of course, it is mainly due to Derek’s poetry. Nevertheless, the audience appreciated the book’s appearance, as well. Everything, starting from the cover, was debossed: front, spine and back, with no print at […]

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Working with the most demanding authors

In September we finished printing one of the most demanding publications we have had ever pleasure to work on. Printing Maciej Fisher’s monograph AETERNUM* was supervised by the author during a two-week print session. Printing press was run only during daylight hours, in order to achieve the best light conditions. The author had to approve each sheet and personally assisted the varnishing process.

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“Merrie Albion” at Paris Photo 2017

We are proud to announce that a book printed and bound by Petit had its release during Paris Photo 2017.

“Merrie Albion” by Simon Roberts, published by Devi Lewis was displayed to an audience during 2017 Paris Photo fairs. During his presentation, Simon has was also book signing. An unusual cover that had required from Petit a new production technique method has provoked a great interest and acclaim among the audience of Paris Photo 2017.

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A book “Teatr w budowie. Dziennik podróży” was awarded in a contest for the best 50 Books/ 50 Covers by The American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA). “Teatr w budowie. Dziennik podróży” is an exceptional book by a polish architect Bolesław Stelmach, designed by Collective, documenting the history of one of the Lublin’s buildings […]