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Posted on 21/11/2017 by Petit on From the inside

Working with the most demanding authors

In September we finished printing one of the most demanding publications we have had ever pleasure to work on. Printing Maciej Fisher’s monograph AETERNUM* was supervised by the author during a two-week print session. Printing press was run only during daylight hours, in order to achieve the best light conditions. The author had to approve each sheet and personally assisted the varnishing process.
Maciej Fiszer spent 3 years photographing wild meadows and wastelands, then hundreds of hours designing his project. We had fully understood the importance of this job and respected the author’s attentiveness to the end result. The work progressed without rush and was finished only when Maciej was satisfied. We are proud to say the final product met his expectations.

Photos: Maciej Fiszer (with author’s permission).